PBS Turbo s.r.o. is a precision engineering and manufacturing company of turbochargers for marine, power, locomotive and other applications based in Velká Bíteš, Czech Republic. In 1997, Czech turbocharger manufacturer PBS Turbo joined the MAN family and is today an affiliate within MAN Diesel & Turbo with approximately 200 employees. PBS Turbo s.r.o. is gradually becoming an important supplier of turbochargers for engines with outputs ranging  from 390 kW up to 2350 kW per turbocharger.

Milestones in the history of PBS  Turbo

1950 – First factory hall built in Velká Bíteš

1957 – Start of production of exhaust turbochargers at PBS of own design

1992 – Manufacture of the 100.000th PBS turbocharger

1997  - Founding of PBS Turbo s.r.o., as a joint venture of PBS Velká Bíteš a.s. with a strong investor MAN B&W   
Diesel AG  Diesel AG

start of production of turbochargers NR/S under license of MAN B&W Diesel AG Augsburg, Germany and continuing in tradition of manufacturing of PBS turbochargers

2006 - start of serial production of TCR turbochargers

2009 – Start of 2 stage turbocharging development, TCR with VTA

2016 - 125.000th turbocharger built in Velká Bíteš

2017 – 60th anniversary of start of production of exhaust turbochargers at PBS

PBS Turbo history
PBS Turbo history