PBS Turbo history
PBS Turbo history

1950 – First factory hall built in Velká Bíteš

1957 – Start of production of PDH 16 exhaust turbochargers at PBS own design

1973 - Start of production of PTD exhaust turbochargers

1992 – Manufacture of the 100.000th PBS turbocharger

1994 - Start of production of PTR exhaust turbochargers

1997  - Founding of PBS Turbo s.r.o., as a joint venture of PBS Velká Bíteš a.s. with a strong investor MAN B&W Diesel AG  Diesel AG start of production of turbochargers NR/S under license of MAN B&W Diesel AG Augsburg, Germany and continuing in tradition of manufacturing of PBS turbochargers

1998 - Start of NR turbochargers production

2000 - MAN acquired the majority

2002 - Start of common development of TCR turbochargers

2005 - MAN acquired 100 %

2006 - Start of serial production of TCR turbochargers

2007 - 110.000th  turbocharger built in Velká Bíteš

2009 – Start of 2 stage turbocharging development, TCR with VTA

2013 - First delivery of ETB

2014 - First delivery of TCR with VTA

2015 - Start of Loco applications deliveries

2016 - 125.000th turbocharger built in Velká Bíteš

2017 – Start of Mining applications deliveries, 60th anniversary of start of production of exhaust turbochargers at PBS